3 Types of Shopping Sprees to Enjoy in Downtown La Jolla

Who doesn’t love shopping when they’re on vacation? One of the perks of staying at the Bed & Breakfast Inn in La Jolla is that it’s within walking distance of downtown La Jolla, providing easy access to terrific boutiques, shops, and restaurants. But there are many different kinds of shoppers. Not everyone enjoys clothes shopping, but some might be interested in arts and crafts. Some like to go to favorite chains while others enjoy supporting local businesses. Whatever kind of shopper you are, you’re likely to find several must-shop destinations in downtown La Jolla.


If you’re looking for some of the latest fashion trends, there are several independent boutiques in downtown La Jolla that you might enjoy. You can find anything from casual wear at Pink Lagoon to more formal wear at Alexia Maria or stylish swimwear at Diane’s Beachwear. For men, there are stores like Ascot Shop. You can also find big name brands like Lucky Brand and Ralph Lauren all on Girard Avenue in downtown La Jolla. Looking for a place to buy jewelry? You can find both handmade jewelry and high-end timepieces in some of the shops on Prospect Street.


Maybe you’re looking for art supplies or something to help you with a pet project you’re working on. In downtown La Jolla, you can find art galleries and niche design boutiques that are sure to provide you with the supplies or inspiration you need. Hi Sweetheart, for instance, is full of stationery and decor, while Et Ceteras La Jolla has charming antiques just waiting to be put to use in your home. You can find journals, planners, and plenty of books at Warwicks on Girard Avenue or pick up a new book and find your next hobby. Candlesticks and cooking supplies can be found at Sur La Table. And for pet lovers, there’s Muttropolis, a pet-friendly boutique with all the pet supplies you need.

Food & Drink

Whether it’s coffee shops, breweries, or gourmet, you can find it in La Jolla. You can even find authentic Parisian food at Le Petit Bistrot on Girard Avenue, including crepes, duck confit, and escargot. There are organic cafes and juice bars like Juice Kaboose, Lean and Green, and Beaming. You can also enjoy some of our breweries, like La Jolla Brewing Co and Public House La Jolla.

After a day of shopping until you drop, whatever your interests might be, you can come back to your room at the Bed & Breakfast Inn in the heart of La Jolla. Each of our fifteen rooms has its own sense of style and variety of amenities. You can rest, enjoy the hospitality, and when you’re ready to go out again you know you’ll be close to all the best shopping places. Contact us today to book a reservation at The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla.

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