La Jolla’s Lively Music Scene

If you’re in need of a lively, enthusiastic music scene for your vacation, look no further than La Jolla. There’s a variety of music venues in and nearby La Jolla, museums that celebrate the history of music, and music stores for your big shopping days. The Bed and Breakfast Inn in La Jolla is just a short trip away from a number of destinations for music lovers. Here are some of our favorites:

University of California, San Diego

Formerly called the University of California, La Jolla, there are a number of concerts hosted at the RIMAC and The Loft. If you’re interested in finding new music, you’re likely to find it here. Emerging bands passing through will often stop at The Loft for a concert, as well as local indie bands. But undoubtedly, the biggest music event at UCSD is the Sun God Festival. Every first day of spring, the college hosts a daytime festival with both DJ sets and live performances by lesser-known and established musical acts. In the past, they’ve featured acts like The Gin Blossoms, They Might be Giants, No Doubt, Black Eyed Peas, Young the Giant, and Wiz Khalifa.


There are a number of music venues in or near La Jolla. The Casbah, about a 13 minute drive from UCSD, is a popular venue which hosts concerts from big name and emerging artists. The Ché Cafe is a smaller, volunteer run venue and often considered a “safe space” for many people in the community where they can enjoy music safely. They’ve also hosted national acts like Green Day, Rise Against, and Bright Eyes. Most music venues in La Jolla and San Diego are 21+ because they serve beer, but Ché Cafe is dedicated to being open to all ages. There are also several restaurants and bars that often host live music acts.


Downtown, you can find several music stores with a variety of instruments that you can try out. La Jolla Music is right on Girard Avenue, and offers lessons and rentals as well as albums and instruments to take home. Riffs Studios is part music store and part yoga studio. You can enjoy a yoga class before cooling off and then going right into your guitar lesson. For a family friendly music trip, check out Nightingale Music School, with classes and workshops for the whole family to enjoy.

La Jolla Music Society

The La Jolla Music Society has been in operation since 1941. They host musical events geared at enriching San Diego’s cultural life throughout the year. They’ve hosted award winning violinists, vivacious dance groups, and several local groups. They’re also in the process of opening The Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center, set to open in 2019.

Whatever your interest in music, you can find it in La Jolla, and if you stay at The Bed and Breakfast in La Jolla, you’ll always be within easy distance of the best music spots. Book your room today, and ask one of our staff about the best places to find good music in La Jolla.

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