Surfing in La Jolla

There are many reasons to visit La Jolla, but one thing that brings hundreds of tourists every year is the surf. La Jolla is famous for its wide variety of beaches, each of which offer a different experience for surfers. It’s no wonder that La Jolla Shores was the location of the ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship last year. But even without the media attention and newsworthy competitions, La Jolla is still one of the most exciting places to surf in the continental United States.

Where to Surf

No two La Jolla beaches are alike, and thus no two La Jolla beaches offer the same surfing experience. La Jolla Shores, popularized by a number of surfing competitions, is a favorite for surfing for a reason. It has something for beginners or veteran surfers. The waves are consistently active without being anything too challenging for beginner surfers. Windansea Beach provides more of a challenge, since the climate and reef formations at Windansea can make the waves unpredictable. This is a popular spot with locals, and best left to experienced surfers. La Jolla Cove doesn’t always have the right conditions for surfing, but when waves do break, they’re the largest waves you’ll find in the region. Just watch out for the rocks nearby.

Where to Learn

New to surfing? No worries! La Jolla is a great place to learn, and there are surf schools all over the area. Most of the surfing lessons will take place on La Jolla Shores because of the safe, reliable waves. How much you learn depends on how long you plan to stay in La Jolla. Experienced instructors will teach you to paddle out, stand on your board, and you may even be riding a few waves by the end of the day. These lessons available for both kids and adults: you’re never too old to learn how to surf.

Where to Buy Gear

If you’re just planning to learn how to surf, this shouldn’t be a problem. Your surf instructor will have a board for you, and you can rent wetsuits from them or from a surf shop for as little as $5. If you’re an experienced surfer, you probably have your own wetsuit and board. However, in case of emergency, there are surf shops a plenty. Many surf schools have their own surf shops for extra revenue. The closer you are to the beach, the more surf shops you’ll find, but some can be found downtown as well. You can rent or buy surf gear, or have your surfboard repaired in case the waves (or, more likely, the trip to La Jolla) took too much of a toll.

When you stay at the Bed and Breakfast Inn at La Jolla, you’ll be in close proximity to the best waves, whether you’re an experienced surfer, just learning, or prefer to take plenty of pictures from the shore. And when you’re wiped out for the day, come back, relax, and order room service from your stylish, comfortable room. Contact us today for more information or to book your stay. 

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