Unique Souvenir Ideas for Your La Jolla Vacation

Everyone likes to take home something to remember a good vacation. While we hope that your La Jolla vacation will be unforgettable, but it’s not unexpected that you may want to go home with a memento to show your friends or keep on your shelf. Souvenirs tend to fall into the same tropes: keychains, postcards, snowglobes, T-shirts. If you want a classic souvenir, there are a number of gift shops and souvenir shops within a close distance to the Bed and Breakfast Inn at La Jolla.

But that’s not what this blog post is about. There’s nothing wrong with the usual trinkets and souvenirs, but sometimes you want to mix things up. If you’re interested in finding souvenirs that are outside the norm, here are a few of our favorite ideas.

The “Tried Something New” Souvenir

Vacations are a great time to try something new. Maybe you went snorkeling for the first time, or you tried a type of food you’d never tried before. Maybe you saw a play or watched the sunset go down over the beach for the first time. A souvenir that reminds you of that experience can be much more meaningful than a postcard that you picked up at a souvenir shop. For instance, if you saw a play or concert, you can save your playbill or ticket and showcase it at home. If you went snorkeling, bring home a diving mask. It might seem random out of context, but these mementos will make you smile each time you pass them.

The “Only in La Jolla” Souvenir

There are certain things that you can only find in La Jolla. Small businesses and particular sights are what makes it unique and why it’s such a standout vacation spot. So since you can’t find it anywhere else, what better to take home with you than proof that you were there? Shells from the Shell Beach, art from a local artist, or a beer bottle from a local La Jolla brewery are all things you can take home that are specific to La Jolla (and you can find pretty cool ideas online for upcycling that beer bottle). One fun idea is to order cookies from the Secret Cookie Service, a late night cookie delivery service so secretive even locals don’t know its location. Take home your bag or receipt and add it to a scrapbook.

The “Keeps on Giving” Souvenir

One unique souvenir idea is to collect seeds. You may see a nice flower bed or herb bed outside of a shop or cafe. Poppies, in particular, which bloom beautifully in La Jolla, drop their seeds, making them easy to collect and take home with you. Ask the owner of the garden first if they’re willing to part with them. You may also be able to buy seeds from a florist shop. When you get home, you can plant them and watch your souvenirs literally come to life.

Or you can collect another kind of seed entirely: the mental seeds of local stories. Talk to people during your vacation. Make friends, and listen to their stories. Try new things and create your own stories. If you’re lucky, you’ll find anecdotes to tell your friends when you get home, and much like planting seeds, those stories can blossom and grow from across the country.

La Jolla is full of unique experiences and unique opportunities for souvenirs to bring home when your vacation is over. But first you have to get here in the first place. The Bed and Breakfast Inn at La Jolla is a great place to stay when booking your vacation. Our location is a historical site that was first built in 1913. We’re located within close walking distance to downtown La Jolla and many of La Jolla’s main attractions. We’re also just a short drive from many of the attractions of San Diego at large. Book a room with us today and prepare for a vacation you won’t want to forget.

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