Hiking in La Jolla

With such beautiful sunny weather in La Jolla, you won’t want to waste it indoors. In addition to La Jolla Cove, beautiful beaches, and opportunities to surf or even hang glide, La Jolla offers several hiking trails. These trails can give you an exhilarating workout, a peaceful path to clear your head, and of course, photo opportunities by the scores.

If you’re an avid hiker, don’t miss these hiking trails in La Jolla:

La Jolla Beach Trail - 2.2 Miles

A smooth trail for hikers of all experience levels, this is the best way to get in the scenic views of the beautiful La Jolla coast, as well as plenty of pictures. It begins at La Jolla Cove and continues along the coastline to La Jolla Shores. It follows along the cliffs, giving you a perfect perch and view. Explore this trail hand-in-hand with a loved one or take the whole family along. It might not be an intense workout, but it’s a sight worth seeing.

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve - Varies

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is located by the beach, but has an element of carefully preserved wildness to it. From red cliffs to natural bushes and cacti to the ocean below, this is certainly one of the most stunning sights in La Jolla. They also have a number of hiking trails for hikers of all experience. Whether you’re looking for a chill trail that you can explore slowly enough to appreciate the flowers around you or a more rugged, challenging trail, Torrey Pines is a must-hike destination. And if you want to finish your tour off with a bite to eat, stop in the lodge on site.

Ho Chi Minh Trail - 0.6 Miles

Want to start the day off with a hike and end with surfing? This is the trail for you. The Ho Chi Minh Trail is a rocky rugged path leading down to Blacks Beach, a popular surfing beach. You can start this trail from either the Gliderport or La Jolla Farms and follow it down to the beach, enjoying the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean along the way. Sharing a name with a trail that once ran through Vietnam, the steep nature of this trail makes it best for experienced hikers. It can be dangerous when there’s a significant rainfall, so try to save this one for a sunny day.

Bird Rock Bike Path - 3.2 Miles

Don’t let the name fool you: this is a popular spot for bikers, but there are plenty of hikers who explore the path by foot. Like Ho Chi Minh, this trail leads to a beach — in this case Pacific Beach. It’s in close proximity to Torrey Pines, so it tends to be less populated, allowing you a more peaceful walk to clear your head or feel like a local.

La Jolla is a great place for hikers, and might just make a hiker out of you even if you weren’t before. For hiking trails, biking trails, and stunning scenery, book your room at The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla today. 

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