4 Things to Do Only in La Jolla

Many vacations offer beaches, hiking trails, and a variety of dining experiences. La Jolla certainly offers all of these things, but that’s not all it has to offer. There are some attractions to La Jolla that you just can’t find anywhere else. If you want a vacation that stand out this year, come to La Jolla and check out these La Jolla specific sights and activities.

Take a Kayak Tour of La Jolla Sea Caves

La Jolla’s sea caves are world renowned, and for good reason. The unique result of limestone erosion, these caves are beautiful in their own right, and even more exciting for the sea life you’ll find when you tour them. These caves can only be traversed by kayak, and a guided tour will allow you to see the best of them. Here you’ll find sea lions sunbathing along the rocks, and inside you may find sea turtles or even dolphins. The most famous of these caves is Sunny Jim’s Cave, which includes a hidden cave within the cave, about the size of a studio apartment.

See the Seals at The Children’s Pool

The Children’s Pool was originally intended to be a shallow beach that offered safe, fun swimming for children. However, nature had other ideas. In time, seals began to flock to The Children’s Pool during pupping season, to have their pups and to get some sun. Now The Children’s Pool is flocked with during the summer months, to the point that the beach itself is inaccessible for people. However, you get a perfect view of the beach and all the seals who inhabit it from the boardwalk. Make sure to bring a camera!

Shop the Farmer’s Market

On Sundays, the La Jolla Open Aire Market on Girard Avenue — known to locals as the Farmer’s Market — opens from 9am-1pm. It’s full of local vendors, and it’s not just fruits and vegetables that you can find here. Shops like the Donut Bar and many local artisans selling hats, scarves, or jewelry can be found here. If you want to have a picnic by the beach, the Farmer’s Market will have all the necessary components. It’s also just a fun place to hang out: there’s even a slide!

Watch the Grunion Run

The Grunion Run is a uniquely SoCal experience, because the California grunion has an egg-laying ritual unlike any other fish. Every spring, like clockwork, these small silver fish wash up on shore with the waves to lay their eggs in the wet sand. This phenomenon is called Grunion Run. It only happens at night, but it’s quite a sight. You can join a group with the Birch Aquarium or attend on your own. One moment, you’ll be watching the tide come in, and the next, it recedes, leaving in its place hundreds of wriggling grunions.

La Jolla has all the elements of a classic summer vacation destination, but it also includes completely unique experiences. To enjoy them this summer, or even this spring, book your room at The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla.

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