La Jolla’s Colorful Art Scene

People often come to La Jolla for the beautiful beaches and ocean views, and if you ask us, that’s not a bad reason. It’s also not all that La Jolla has to offer. In addition to excellent restaurants and coffee shops, shops and microbreweries, La Jolla also has an excellent art scene. Whether it’s sculptures that you pass on the street or a visit to a museum, La Jolla is an excellent city for art lovers.

It’s not hard to find colorful art in La Jolla if you just keep your eyes open. Sometimes it’s just a question of knowing where to start.

In the Street

So vibrant is La Jolla’s art scene that sometimes you’ll stumble upon it without even looking for it. Sometimes this is an extension of some of the artistic establishments, like the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Not only can you find art inside at this museum, but they also feature a sculpture garden outside. And not just grey clay figures. These sculptures are brightly colorful and immersive, made from a number of mediums. With the Pacific coastline as a backdrop, it’s certainly worth a visit, as is downtown La Jolla for its many colorful murals. These murals are all part of the Murals of La Jolla collection. You can try to find them on your own or take a walking tour in order to see them all.

College campuses are another place to find some exciting examples of outdoor artwork. For instance, the Stuart Collection on the campus of the University of San Diego has a great display of artwork along the lawn, from the image of a house tipping precariously over the edge or a giant bear structure.

In Museums

But if you’re more of an indoor art lover, there’s still plenty to satisfy. The very same Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego is a great place to start. Cutting edge exhibitions and downtown events draw visitors in, and you can always find some unique contemporary art here. The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library highlights both visual artists and musical artists with its exhibits. And if you like your art mixed with history, the Map and Atlas Museum is a must-see.

On The La Jolla Village Art Walk

If you want to see locally-owned artwork really shine, take a walk down the La Jolla Village Art Walk. It’s around Prospect Street and Girard Avenue as are most of the shopping excursions in La Jolla. Just start there and keep your eyes open. You’ll find several galleries along the way, including the renowned Peter Lik Fine Arts Gallery.

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