Where to Find Coffee in La Jolla

Even on a short vacation, it’s important to know where you can get your java fix. In fact, recent polls show that 83% of all Americans drink coffee. And fortunately for you coffee lovers, that’s still the case. We love coffee here, and more importantly, we love our local coffee shops. Before searching for the nearest Starbucks, check out some of these local cafes to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

Parakeet Café @ 927 Silverado Street

If you like to take cute Instagram pictures of your iced latte and your breakfast, Parakeet Café is the place for you. This place screams cute, from its name to its location, with parakeet wallpaper against the back of their comfortable booths. In fact, they have a pretty great Instagram account themselves. They have a wide selection of toasts, espresso, and other goodies. Try their Chilaquiles with your drink — or their avocado toast for a vegan option. They even have a latte on tap.

The Living Room Coffeehouse @ 1010 Prospect St

In downtown La Jolla, you’ll find The Living Room Coffeehouse, and with its cozy seating arrangements and warm lighting, you really will feel right at home. This is the coffee shop for those who want something sweet to go with their coffee. In addition to cappucinos, Americanos, and their caramel latte titled Milky Way, they also serve breakfast, lunch, and delicious pastry goodies. Imagine the taste combination of a Café Mocha combined with a Pumpkin Cheesecake, or try the Tiramisu to get espresso in your food instead of just your drink.

And if that wasn’t good enough, there’s a gorgeous sea view.

Brick & Bell @ 928 Silverado Street

This coffee shop is a particular favorite of La Jolla locals. Almost any time you walk into Brick & Bell, you’ll find it teeming with coffee lovers — and for good reason. Great coffee, as well as great pastries to go along with it. Their scones are the most by far the most popular thing on the menu and their coffee is as strong and delicious as it should be. It’s a simple café that sticks to one thing: quality taste, and its patrons love it for that. They also have charming outdoor seating, perfect for lunch.

Pannikin La Jolla @ 467 Girard Ave

Pannikin has four locations across San Diego. Their La Jolla location feels cozy and old-fashioned, the perfect rest stop after trawling the design district of La Jolla. Even their tip jar is an old-fashioned coffee carafe covered in stickers. This is the kind of coffee shop that serves lattes in glass mugs with heart-shaped coffee art. They have vegan milk substitutes for those who need them, and a selection of tea and pastries as well as coffee. What more could you need?

Where else can you find coffee in La Jolla? Well, what about at your historic B&B along with a three-course breakfast? That’s one of the perks of staying at The Bed & Breakfast Inn in La Jolla. We’re also conveniently located in the heart of La Jolla, so you’re perfectly positioned to enjoy any of the coffee shops La Jolla has to offer.


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