3 San Diego Theme Parks For the Family

San DIego is a place famous for its theme parks. From the San Diego Zoo to SeaWorld, the attractions in this city are sure to delight the whole family. When you stay at The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla, you’ll be just a short drive from San Diego proper and all of its many theme parks. Here are some of the stops you can’t miss on your summer vacation with the family.

San Diego Zoo

100 acres. Over 3,500 animals. Preservation for a number of rare or endangered species. There’s a reason this zoo is famous not just in San Diego, not just in California, but the world over. If your kids like animals — or if you like animals and hope to encourage the same interest in your kids — the San Diego Zoo is a zoo experience like nothing else you’ll ever see. This is even more true if your favorite animals are pandas: the San Diego Zoo has the largest population of giant pandas in the country.

Or to take it a step further, check out the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, formerly the Wild Animal Park. About 35 miles away from the main zoo, you can take a guided safari tour to see exotic animals roaming freely through 1,800 acres of nature. You may want to visit the safari park on a different day than you visit the zoo. Between the speeding cheetahs and majestic lions, you’ll want to take a whole day out for this trip.

SeaWorld San Diego

This is another great park for animal lovers, though of a different sort. If you’ve always wanted to pet a dolphin or see a killer whale leap into the air, you have to visit SeaWorld San Diego. But there are appeals for thrillseekers as well: 60 feet wet plunges and roller coasters shaped like manta rays, as well a a number of water slides at the water park, Aquatica San Diego. Let’s face it, summer in San Diego can get pretty hot. SeaWorld is a great place to cool off, get an adrenaline rush, and meet species of sea dwelling animals along the way.


LEGOLAND is located in Carlsbad, just a short drive away from San Diego. It’s a water park and resort with over 60 rides right next door to the Sea Life Aquarium. But what sets LEGOLAND apart is that the rides are all made to look like LEGO bricks. In fact, there’s even a portion of the park with cities built entirely from LEGO bricks. This park is sure to be a hit with young kids, but older kids and maybe even adults are likely to get a kick out of it, too.

After a day full of excitement, you’ll want to come back to accommodations where you can relax. The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla is the perfect place for that. Enjoy a three-course breakfast in the morning to start your day and in-room dining service in the evening, as well as relaxing rooms and excellent hospitality. Book your room today and start your San Diego adventure for the whole family.

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