Why La Jolla is One of America’s Favorite Towns

Locals and frequent tourists to La Jolla and the San Diego area have known for years that La Jolla is a beautiful, friendly beach town full of interesting shops, restaurants, and singular views. Still, it’s nice to be appreciated sometimes, which is why it was exciting to be listed as number 13 of “America’s Favorite Towns” by Travel + Leisure magazine.

According to Travel + Leisure, “The coastal enclave makes readers want to slow down and linger, whether it’s over brunch with an ocean view at Brockton Villa or browsing the line-up of heavy hitting luxury shops.” Here are a few things that visitors feel makes La Jolla one of America’s favorite towns:

The Shopping Experience

We’ve dedicated a number of blogs to La Jolla’s independent businesses, whether they be boutiques, coffee shops, or fitness centers. La Jolla is famous for its shopping experience. You can find a wide variety of locally owned shops and restaurants here to keep you busy and engaged all day. La Jolla Village is full of upscale fashion boutiques and classy cafes. Downtown La Jolla has boutiques, craft stores, bookstores, and a number of delicious restaurants and breweries. Whatever your shopping fancy might be, you can find something in La Jolla that excites you. And they’re not all locally owned — we also have a number of big name brands, like Ralph Lauren, Joie, and Bath & Body Works.

The Beach Views

What kind of beach views do you like? Do you prefer long stretches of white sand against deep blue water or wild, jagged sea cliffs stretching 350 feet high? Do you like to socialize at a big, family friendly beach or do you prefer a more intimate experience? You can actually find all of those experiences and more in La Jolla. There are family friendly beaches, beaches popular with surfers, even beaches where you might spot a sea lion. Besides the beaches themselves, you can also kayak through sea caves here, seven of them in fact. The most famous, Sunny Jim’s, can be accessed by land or sea and has stood for over 100 years.

The Perfect Location

Location has a lot to do with a town’s popularity, and La Jolla’s location is ideal. Not only is it positioned against so much beautiful natural shoreline — most famously La Jolla Cove — but it’s minutes away from San Diego proper and all of its excitement. People often stay in La Jolla while visiting San Diego for a convention or a concert. The art, the microbrewery scene, and the quintessential SoCal culture make San Diego a delight for a vacation destination, and much of that culture crosses over into La Jolla. What doesn’t cross over is all the bustle and crowds of a big city. La Jolla feels more relaxed and lighter, making it a great place to come back after a day in San Diego.

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