How to Spend Labor Day in San Diego

San Diego is a popular spot to spend your summer vacation, so sometimes the prospect of leaving at the end of the summer can add a touch of sadness. The best way to ward off the sadness is to end your summer vacation with a bang, or at least with a full list of Labor Day weekend activities. Here are a few events you’ll want to check out this Labor Day before heading back home.

Labor Day Classic

Are you a soccer fan? Do you have kids who are soccer enthusiasts? If so, the 10th annual La Jolla Labor Day Classic is a must. Hosted by the La Jolla Soccer Club and located in various venues throughout La Jolla, this is one of the most competitive soccer events in San Diego. Once you see it, your kids might even be tempted to register next year. The Class I tournament open to boys and girls of all ages, teams U8 through U19.

US Sand Sculpting Challenge and 3D Art Exposition

The summer might be ending, but for some tourists, the US Sand Sculpting Challenge and 3D Art Exposition is the main event. This event, which kicks off on Labor Day weekend, takes sand castles to the level of fine art. You’ll find meticulously crafted and vibrant sand castles here, and you’ll want to take plenty of pictures. This event draws hundreds of thousands of spectators and competitors to the pier of downtown San Diego every year.

Labor Day Stickball Tournament

Another labor day event full of sports and neighborhood camaraderie is the annual Labor Day Stickball Tournament, hosted in Little Italy in San Diego. This two day event covers the weekend before Labor Day, in which 8-12 teams will compete in games of stickball (a street game similar to baseball) for the Jillie trophy. Bring a folding chair, refreshments, and a sense of fun and you can’t go wrong with this event.

Hit the Beach One Last Time

You can hit the beach any time throughout your San Diego vacation. There are plenty to see just in La Jolla. However, if you’re starting to feel a little bittersweet about going home, we recommend going to the beach one last time. La Jolla Cove is a popular spot, as well as La Jolla Shores. However, if you really want to get into the wistful spirit, visit Windansea Beach, where you’ll find the perfect position to watch the sun set for the last night of your vacation.

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