3 Reasons To Take a Vacation

In theory, everyone would love to take a vacation. However, in reality, people tend to spend more time thinking about the vacations they’d like to take than actually going. Huffington Post reported last year that 40% of Americans didn’t plan to use all their paid vacation time that year. Their reasons varied. Some feared that if they took all their vacation time, their boss would see them as replaceable, while others felt too busy to take a vacation or worried about the work that would pile up while they were gone. Others claimed they were trying to take advantage of their office’s rollover system by saving some of their vacation time for the next year, though more often than not, this just creates a habit of putting off that dream vacation and saving more time each year.

But what about the reasons to take a vacation? Sometimes we spend so much time telling ourselves why we can’t do something that we fail to take into account the reasons we can — or should.

Taking a Break Helps You to Be More Productive

If you’re worried about how taking a vacation will impact your work, you shouldn’t be. In fact, taking a vacation may be just what you need to boost your work productivity. Working for long periods of time without a break can take its toll on both your body and mind. It’s easy to burn out because we’re meant to have breaks to recuperate. It can be hard to let go of the work when you feel like you’re buried in it, but if you can walk away and give yourself time to relax on the beach in a new location, you’ll be surprised how refreshed and energized you feel when you come back to work.

Vacations Boost Creativity

A 2009 study by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that students who lived abroad were more creative, more enthusiastic, and better problem solvers. Why? Because they exposed themselves to sights and cultures outside the norm. Taking a few days off for a staycation is all well and good if that’s what you can manage, but traveling is better. That doesn’t necessarily mean backpacking through Europe. Sometimes just visiting a different city can open you up to new experiences and jog your creativity. And when you’re not preoccupied with all the stress at home or work, your mind is more open to new experiences and perspectives.

Less Stress, Better Health

It doesn’t take a psychologist to tell you that vacations will lessen your stress. That’s the whole point of vacations in the first place. Putting distance between yourself and your workload gives you a new perspective and helps you to see that workload as something manageable, rather than the looming monster that it might have seemed in the midst of things. And that has an impact on your health. The New York Times reports that taking a vacation annually impacts not just the quality of your life but the longevity of it. A more recent study from the Global Coalition of Aging found that traveling made people less likely to suffer heart attacks.

But the main reason to take a vacation? It’s because you deserve it. You didn’t rack up that vacation time for nothing. You work hard enough throughout the year, and now it’s time to treat yourself.

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