4 Places to Have a Picnic in La Jolla

 September is here, but in La Jolla, it’s still sunny and warm, the perfect weather for a picnic. And lucky for you, La Jolla offers numerous parks and beaches where you can picnic to your heart’s delight with a significant other, the family, or a group of friends. Whether you want to look out at the water or a grassier landscape, you can find something here. Here are a few of the most popular places to have a picnic in La Jolla:

Hermosa Park

If you want a combination of greenery and sea views, La Jolla Hermosa Park is the perfect setting. It’s a small park near Bird Rock, full of lush plant life with a beautiful view of the water below. A charming white fence provides a barrier between the park and the cliffs, so it’s safe for families as well. And if you don’t like the idea of eating on the ground, fret not. There are a few benches and picnic tables to choose from, and the park is almost never crowded, so you’ll have your choice.

Cuvier Park

Cuvier Park is so lovely that it’s frequently used as a wedding venue. When it’s not being used by a couple tying the knot, however, it’s an excellent venue for your mid-day picnic. There aren’t many picnic tables here, which makes it a great venue for the traditional picnic blanket on the lawn. Here again, you have beautiful ocean views and it’s quiet and intimate. You can also bring a dog with you, as long as they’re on a leash.

Scripps Coastal Reserve

For something a little more rugged, there’s Scripps Coastal Reserve. It’s actually a trail that starts at La Jolla Farms Road and leads to cliffs overlooking the ocean. You can lay out your blanket on the cliffs and look out at the old UCSD Chancellor’s mansion. It’s also a perfect place to take pictures while you eat. Best of all, it’s located right above La Jolla Cove, so you have all the visual benefits of one of the best loved beaches in La Jolla.

Windansea Beach

Having a picnic on the beach can be idyllic, but it can get a little crowded at the most popular beaches, like La Jolla Shores or La Jolla Cove. Windansea Beach is the perfect solution: it’s a beloved beach by tourists and locals alike, but it’s less crowded so you’ll have a little more room to yourself. You can also avoid getting sand everywhere by spreading out on one of the flattened rocks along the beach or stay out of the shade by planting your picnic under one of the nearby straw huts. If you’re looking for a more athletic day after you finish eating, Windansea Beach is also a popular spot for surfing.

If you want to enjoy the view while you eat, a picnic in La Jolla could be the perfect day. But first, book your room with The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla to start plotting your next vacation.

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