The Benefits of a Staycation

How do you want to spend your hard-earned time off? Although vacations are still popular, more and more people are starting to plan staycations. A staycation means that you stay in a hotel, inn, or bed and breakfast close to home rather than traveling somewhere different altogether. You may take the opportunity to stay in and relax, or you may explore the city in ways that you haven’t often given yourself time for in the past. Staycations are an excellent time to get a spa treatment or look into specials and add-ons at the accommodation of your choice. You can treat yourself without going too far from home.

Here are a few benefits of a La Jolla staycation.

Skip the Airport (And Airline Costs)

Even if you going somewhere new, the actual transition of traveling can be a drag: waiting in line to go through security, waiting for your flight to board, possible delays. And that’s all not to mention the cost of a plane ticket. With a staycation, though, you can avoid all that. All you have to do is drive to the accommodations of your choice with your weekend bag and tada! You’ve reached your destination.

See Your Town as a Tourist Might

Living in an area for a certain amount of years doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve seen all there is to see. In fact, many of us get stuck in our own routes and routines and miss out on many of the exciting museums, restaurants, and other attractions that the city might hold. You can go to the beach without any responsibilities or check out the art scene in La Jolla. Venturing into San Diego proper, you can explore the museums, theme parks, or the wineries of North County. Don’t worry how kitchy or cliche something might be. Just let yourself enjoy your city with fresh eyes.

Goodbye Jet Lag

One of the biggest drawbacks to travel is jet lag. It can be a challenge getting used to a drastic time difference, and it will take time to recover — time that can cut into your vacation time. With a staycation, there’s no time difference. You don’t have to adjust your watch and you certainly don’t have to fight off jet lag. You can sleep and wake up at your normal times without confusing your body.

Close to Home In Case of Emergencies

Is your house being renovated? Are your parents looking after the kids while you treat yourself? Life doesn’t stop because you have a vacation and sometimes being farther away from home can cause more stress. When you take a staycation, you have the opportunity to get away from it all, but you’re still within easy reach in case an emergency happens. If you need to cut your staycation short or run home to check on things, you can do so in a matter of minutes.

If you want to really treat yourself for your staycation in La Jolla, consider staying at the historic Bed & Breakfast Inn. We have a selection of luxurious rooms and a number of add-on packages to make you feel worlds away — when in fact, you’ve barely left home. Don’t forget! Book direct and we price match & give a 5% discount.


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