Traveling to La Jolla in a Group

Sometimes traveling in a group is something you choose to do for fun: maybe you and your friends miraculously have your schedules aligned and want to take some time for each other, or you take a couples weekend with a few other couples. Other times, traveling in a group is a requirement, like work trips or trips planned through some organization of which you’re a part. Whatever the case may be, traveling within a group to La Jolla or otherwise is a very different experience from traveling alone or with a special someone. However, it can be just as rewarding, provided you take steps to make the most of it.

Communication is Key

In any vacation, everyone has their own itineraries and list of priorities. It can be easy to have wires crossed, and that can lead to frustrations within the group. Whether you plan to do things together or split up for the day, make sure everyone is communicating clearly about what they want out of the trip and what they plan to do. Take some time for everyone to talk plans in the morning, and make sure that every voice is heard before you disperse or start your plans for the day. That way everyone gets the most out of the trip individually, and they can get along better with each other, as well.

Budget Specifically

One of the perks of traveling in a group is the money you can save. If you can split lodging costs between a few people, that significantly lessens how much each person will have to pay. The same applies to splitting the bill at dinner. But not everyone has the same financial situation, so you want to be sure to create a budget that’s mindful of everyone in your group. If someone is able to chip in more than someone else, and everyone in the group is fine with that, great. If not, discuss carefully and specifically what you can afford on your trip.

Pack Light

Packing light can be a boon even to those who travel alone. It means less hassle when moving from place to place with your luggage, and fewer fees at the airport. But if you’re traveling with a group, packing light can be even more beneficial. If you have limited space in a room, fewer bags means more room to move. Packing light can also mean that you’re not the last one packing up your things on the last day or dragging down the group by lugging heavy bags behind you. Don’t pack so thinly that it’s inconvenient for you, but try to cut out any excess or roll up clothes instead of folding them for more room.

The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla has cozy, intimate rooms for 1-2 adults, which can make it perfect for a group of couples who each need their own room. Book your room today and remember that when you book with us directly, we’ll price match with you and even add an extra 5% off.

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