4 Reasons to Visit La Jolla This Christmas

Christmas is on its way. While many people have their holiday plans set months in advance, others may still be trying to decide what to do with their free time. It can be a great time of year to take a family vacation or to simply relax in a change of scenery for a while. But why choose La Jolla for your Christmas trip, even if you don’t have any extended family located there? It may surprise you — or perhaps not — how many tourists flock to California and La Jolla every winter for the holidays. Here are a few reasons:

Beautiful Weather

For some, the quintessential Christmas image is a winter wonderland covered in snow. There’s nothing wrong with that if you don’t mind the cold, but others might want a relief from the winter chill. If you’re looking for a holiday season that’s a bit milder, La Jolla, California is your answer. Here you can still wear your flip flops and enjoy the sunshine on Christmas day or even New Year’s. Even in December, temperatures are often in the 50s and 60s and still sunny more often than anything else.

Christmas Displays and Light Shows

Think the East Coast and Midwest has a monopoly on Christmas lights? Think again. The Christmas displays you’ll find in La Jolla are breathtaking and can’t help but fill you with some Christmas cheer. Check out Christmas Park in nearby Clairemont or Jingle Bell Hill in El Cajon. With the comfortable temperatures, even at night, you can take your time exploring the Christmas displays in the area.

Christmas On the Beach

Want a way to make your Christmas morning special? Consider heading to the beach and having breakfast over a bonfire or starting out the day by surfing or SUP boarding. There’s just something peaceful about spending Christmas morning on the beach with the people you care most about, letting your troubles roll off your shoulders for a bit. And if your Christmas vacation is also your vacation from work or school, the relaxation you’ll find here is all that much more important.

Christmas Presents, Christmas Dinner, and More

Having trouble finding the perfect Christmas present? Check out the shops and boutiques Girard Avenue in downtown La Jolla. Tired of the traditional Christmas dinner or want to enjoy Christmas dinner without the burden of having to clean everything up? Visit one of La Jolla’s various restaurants, eclectic in types of taste and excellent in quality. Many of these restaurants will even offer some sort of holiday deals or specials. Missed Santa in your hometown? You can take the kids to see Scuba Santa at Birch Aquarium. Any Christmas experience you love you can find here...the La Jolla way.

Thinking of visiting us in La Jolla this Christmas? We’d love to see you at The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla. Don’t forget when you book with us directly, we’ll price match and even throw in an extra 5% discount. Book your room today and start planning your holiday vacation.

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