Finding Sea Glass on the Beach at La Jolla

If you’re a frequent beachgoer, you may have had the experience of noticing something smooth among the sand and reaching down to pick up what looks to be some sort of precious stone. They’re the size of pebbles, colorful, and often translucent. But these aren’t gemstones of any kind. Instead, these stones are called “sea glass” and come from bits of broken glass that fell into the ocean for one reason or another. You may even find some here on the shores of La Jolla.

What Is Sea Glass? Sea glass, or drift glass, as it’s sometimes called, is glass that has been so smoothed out by erosion from the ocean so that it comes to form a small, smooth stone. It gets its start most often from broken bottles, but sea glass can be formed from broken headlights, marbles, or just about anything else made of glass. It takes about 20-40 years for the glass to become fully smooth, and experts recommend that if there are still any sharp edges to the glass when it’s found that the sea glass be left there for the ocean to finish the process. Sea glass often has a clouded sort of look as the erosion of the water creates a natural frosted look.

What To Do With Sea Glass Many beachgoers love to collect sea glass, whether for the sake of it or to use it in hobbies. Sea glass can be made into jewelry or used as decorative pieces in your home. Artists like to use the colorful, smooth nature of sea glass in multimedia artwork. You can find framed pieces of artwork using sea glass as well as things like bowls and windchimes made with sea glass. For many, the actual act of finding sea glass is more important than what you do with it. You never know what colors, sizes, or shapes you’ll find, so it can be a sort of exploration, whether you search alone or with friends. If nothing else, collecting sea glass offers something to bring home at the end of your vacation.

Where To Find Sea Glass In La Jolla La Jolla — which literally means “the jewel” — is a particularly fruitful place to find sea glass, and you can find it at almost every shore. One beach that sea glass enthusiasts frequent is Shell Beach, so named because it’s also an excellent place to find sea shells. It’s a small, remote beach that can be accessed by a flight of steps starting at Ellen Browning Scripps Park. La Jolla Cove is also a popular spot, surrounded by picturesque views of sea caves and sun soaked cliffs nearby. In terms of the amount of shore, La Jolla Shores is another contender as a place to find sea glass.

Wherever you choose to find your sea glass, you can get there easily from your rooms at The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla. We’re conveniently located in downtown La Jolla just a short walk from La Jolla Cove and many of the other attractions. Don’t forget, book with us direct and we’ll price match plus a 5% discount on the cost of your room.


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