4 Benefits of Working Out On the Beach

Sometimes you just need a vacation from your workout routine.

Taking a beach vacation doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop working out altogether, but it can mean a change of pace for your workout routine. In fact, one popular change in workout routine for vacationers is working out on the beach. Often at sunrise or early in the morning, this method allows you to keep up with your regular exercise while still feeling relaxed. The beach is suited to all kinds of workout routines, from a morning run to yoga or pilates. And there are several benefits that come specifically from working out on the beach as opposed to a gym or your living room.

Lower Impact, More Resistance

Soft sand beneath your feet feels much better when working out than a hard concrete floor or even your home carpeting. It makes for less pressure on the joints, so you can leave feeling refreshed, but with less of the aching knees. However, that’s not to say you won’t get your workout. Sand is a less stable surface than those you might use at home, so it provides more resistance — essentially it makes your muscles work harder and helps you burn more calories.

The Importance of Balance

We know that balance is important to a healthy body and fulfilling exercise routine, but often in the midst of a couple hours at the gym, balance doesn’t really factor in so much. Different exercise machines focus on different elements of the body, instead of allowing the different elements to work in tandem. Because of the unsteady, diverse layout of the sand, you have to factor balance into your workout, too, which allows it to feel more natural and more like real life.

Better Calorie Burning in Less Time

Because the sand offers more resistance and requires a little more use of your muscles, you’ll tire from a beach workout much more quickly than you would tire from a workout in an exercise room — and that might be a good thing. If you only want to cut out a short amount of time from your vacation for your morning workout, you can be confident that you’ll get in the quality you need in less time. That way you have more time to recover throughout the day, as well as more time to explore La Jolla.

Fresh Air and Sunlight

Exercising calls for breathing from the diaphragm, especially if you don’t want to get tuckered out too soon. And it’s always better to breathe in fresh air than the stale air from the same old workout room. When you exercise on the beach, the fresh ocean breeze and outdoor air will help keep you going. So, too, will the natural sunlight, which has been proven to boost mood and help you feel more energized and focused during the day.

There are a number of beaches in La Jolla that can provide the perfect workout venue, like La Jolla Shores or the popular La Jolla Cove, just a short walk from the historic Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla. Don’t forget, when you book with us direct, we’ll price match and even throw in a 5% discount.

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