La Jolla for Photographers

There are people who take a vacation to get away from work, and then there are people who take a vacation to do work — at least, the work they’re passionate about, whether that’s a hobby they love or a potential career. Artists commonly fall into this category, and among the most common types of artist vacationers are photographers. Photographers love vacations in La Jolla. With fine weather, great lighting, ocean views, and friendly community charm, we have everything a photographer could want. But where should you start?

First, What You’ll Need

If you’re a photographer, whether as a hobby or a passion, you probably already have your camera of choice and equipment. You’ll want to make sure that your camera is waterproof, for pictures at the beach, and that you have a good protective bag. Comfortable shoes with good traction are also a must. Many of the locations for photography are rocky, and even when the paths are smooth, you can expect to be doing quite a bit of walking. Sneakers are a good bet here. La Jolla is sunny pretty much year round, so make sure you’ve packed a hat and some sunscreen, as would be the case with any other La Jolla vacation. Other than that, you’ll need to know what sights to capture.

La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove is one of the most picturesque beaches in La Jolla, surrounded by bleached cliffs and deep blue water. Here you may find seals and sea lions sunbathing and playing on the shore. There are also steps leading down to the many caves in La Jolla. All of this scenery makes perfect opportunities for a photography day. If the weather is right, you may even be able to catch a few pictures of surfers or just the waves crashing against the shore.


Downtown has a very different vibe from La Jolla Cove, but could be another great spot for photography. Here you’ll find shopping centers, independent businesses, and charming archways and streets that speak to the character and commerce of La Jolla. These pictures will show a buzz of activity while also portraying the laid back nature of La Jolla. You can also find some gorgeous historic churches downtown.

Torrey Pines Reserve

But back to nature. If you like to take landscape photography or nature shots, Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve is the perfect place to go. It includes 2,000 acres of preserved wildlife, including rare species of flora and fauna that you can’t find just anywhere. Take one of the hiking trails and keep your eyes open for birds, interesting trees, or simply the way the light hits the view.

Need a place to stay in La Jolla after you’ve taken perfect shot after perfect shot? A historic bed and breakfast right in the center of La Jolla will only help to inspire you. Don’t forget, when you book with us direct, we’ll price match your reservation plus a 5% discount.

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