Activities For Teens in San Diego

The teenage years can be an odd balance when it comes to entertainment. Choose an activity that’s too childish and teenagers might feel condescended to. However, they might also feel restless touring art museums — unless this is a teenager interested in art. The best solution for traveling with teenagers is to look for activities that speak to their interests as an individual, just like you might for an adult. That said, there are activities in San Diego that are a sure thing for most teenagers.

SeaWorld San Diego

There’s really no age limit on SeaWorld San Diego: anyone from small children to seniors will find something to love there. However, for teenagers who like fast paced activities and entertainment, SeaWorld is the perfect stop. It has thrill rides like Journey to Atlantis, Shipwreck Rapids, and the recent Electric Eel as well as opportunities to see a variety of sea animals. They can swim with dolphins or develop an interest in wildlife conservation. But they’re sure to come home with exciting stories to tell their friends.

While at SeaWorld, make sure to grab tickets to the water park, Aquatica. It has even more thrill rides, wave pools, and massive water slides for daring, energetic teenagers. However, you will want to book tickets in advance because they tend to go fast.

San Diego Zoo

What is your teen’s favorite animal? Chances are, you’ll be able to find it at the San Diego Zoo. From koalas to hippos to giraffes and even black panthers, they may find a new favorite animal after a day of touring this nationally renowned zoo. There are also interactive shows to enjoy as well as massive 4D theaters for added entertainment. The zoo isn’t just for little kids, after all. And if you do have a family with a wide range of ages, this is the kind of attraction that’s likely to suit everyone. If your teenager is particularly interested in animals, you may even want to try the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Miramar Speed Circuit

Let’s face it, most teenagers can be kind of adrenaline junkies. If they’re looking for something to get their heart pumping, as well as a little friendly competition, check out the Miramar Speed Circuit. The 1,500 foot track was designed by professional racers, but in this case it exists for indoor go karts. These are no ordinary go karts. These go karts can go as fast as 40 miles per hour. Teenagers can compete with their siblings or friends to the finish line or just race around for the fun of it.

The Beach

If you’re taking a trip to San Diego or La Jolla, the beach is a must no matter how old you are. Few teenagers will turn down the chance to soak up the sun and wade into the cool water on a hot summer day — or engage in watersports like surfing or snorkeling. Take your teens to La Jolla Cove and they may see seals and sea lions sunbathing as well.

San Diego and La Jolla can be an exciting vacation no matter what your age, and there’s no need to worry that teenagers won’t find anything to entertain them. When it comes to finding the right accommodations, however, book direct with The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla. We’ll price match your room and offer a 5% discount.

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