Best Bike Trails In and Around La Jolla

La Jolla has the kind of weather year round that makes you want to spend as much time as possible outside. It’s what brings people flocking to the shores, or enjoying picnics in the park, or hiking through Torrey Pines State Reserve. So naturally, it’s also a great place to go biking, and it’s something locals and tourists alike love to do with their day. The bike trails in and around La Jolla are a bit wider and a bit smoother than hiking trails, since the process of biking itself is often enough invigoration without the rugged paths. They do, however, offer splendid views that are hard to find in bike trails anywhere else.

Rose Creek Bike Trail

Just the name of this bike trail seems to promise beautiful views, and while roses might not be part of it, what you do see definitely doesn’t disappoint. This 1 mile trail starts at De Anza Cove and moves north towards Santa Fe Street. This is located close to the University of California San Diego, making it as convenient as it is leisurely. However, if you’re interested in a longer ride, follow along until you reach Rose Canyon Open Space and check out some of the trails there. San Clemente Canyon nearby is popular with both hikers and bikers.

Mission Bay Bike Path

This bike path is considerably longer, a full 12 miles, but you can practically see it all when it comes to La Jolla. Starting at Mission Bay Drive, you’ll pass through no less than ten public parks and two wildlife reserves. Where the Rose Creek Bike Trail’s strengths are in its natural beauty, this bike trail leads you through the day to day life along the streets of La Jolla, with plenty of places to stop for a nice picnic or simply to soak up the sun. No matter how many stops you make along the way, this bike path will be a nice workout, but it’s also flat and even so it’s easy to follow.

Bird Rock Bike Path

In January of 2014, Bird Rock Bike Path was actually named the trail of the month by San Diego Magazine. It starts on Corina Street near La Jolla Boulevard and continues north towards La Canada Street. Eventually, this paved city bike path becomes a more rugged dirt path. If you follow it all the way through, you’ll find yourself at Pacific Beach, a perfect end after an exhilarating bike ride. Along the way, you’ll pass not only splendid sights of one of La Jolla’s favorite neighborhoods but coffee shops where you can take a break after the ride, like Bird Rock Coffee.

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