The Best Places to Relax in La Jolla

The point of a vacation is, above all, to relax. When you take your La Jolla trip, the tension should melt off your shoulders, allowing you to forget about the pile of assignments at work or all the stressors at home. Everything about your vacation should be about what you want to do, what’s most calming and enjoyable for you. However, some La Jolla attractions simply excel when it comes to relaxation. If you need to really treat yourself, these are the places to visit.

The Beach

This one is easy. In fact, laying out on the beach is often the image we associate with the idea of relaxation. La Jolla has several beaches that are perfect for some relaxation under the sun. La Jolla Cove is one of the most popular and most unique. This cove is smaller, surrounded by natural bluffs which grow patches of wildflowers. You may even see some seals or sea lions while you’re there. La Jolla Shores is larger and offers the more traditional experience of sunbathing on the beach. Another favorite is Windansea beach, both popular for lying out on the shore and for surfing.

The Brockton Villa

After a morning at the beach, you might be reluctant to leave the ocean breeze and air. That’s why many tourists prefer getting lunch somewhere with ocean views. Brockton Villa is set in a charming beach cottage overlooking La Jolla Cove. From the window, you may see palm trees swaying in the breeze as well as beautiful ocean views. They’re well known for their coast toast, but their lunch menu is delightful, from fish tacos to chowder with sea clams and blue crab or a California lobster roll.

La Jolla Sea Caves

Relaxation looks different to everyone. For some, it means laying on the beach. For others, it might be something more athletic, like kayaking and exploring new sights with a loved one. If that sounds more your speed, you might enjoy La Jolla’s Sea Caves. You can take an organized kayak tour of the seven sea caves of La Jolla or rent a kayak and check them out yourself. Along the way, you’ll see not only these wondrous caves but kelp beds, sea lions, and maybe even dolphins. You may want to bring a waterproof camera to remember the excursion even after you go back home.

Ellen Browning Scripps Park

Fancy a picnic in the park? Scripps Park will satisfy your need for greenery while still offering ocean views and breezes. It’s a popular park, but never overcrowded and a short distance away from some of La Jolla’s more popular beaches. This is the perfect place to bring a picnic basket and blanket and just relax in the grass, sit under the shade of a tree, or just people watch.

The Bed & Breakfast Inn

Your accommodations for your La Jolla vacation should be especially relaxing. The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla is located in a historic building that creates a cozy, soothing ambiance. Our luxurious rooms are named after popular locations and elements of La Jolla. We offer a three course breakfast and several add-on packages to make your vacation that much more relaxing.

Need more reason to stay with the Bed & Breakfast Inn? When you book with us direct, we’ll price match the cost of your room and add a 5% discount.


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