4 Tips to Prepare For Your Day at the Beach

The point of a day at the beach is to find some relaxation and peace of mind. That’s why it’s important to properly plan and prepare your trip beforehand. The last thing you want is to not have enough towels, to get rained off the beach, or to leave with blistering sunburn. Poor planning can lead to more stress and sour the whole day. Fortunately, preparing for your beach vacation is easy enough when you know what to do. Here are a few of our tips.

Check the Weather

The perfect day at the beach is sunny and warm, and in La Jolla, we have many such days. Some beach goers actually prefer slightly cloudy weather, as it offers a little relief from the bright sun and even from the crowds. Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to check a weather app before you head to the beach to make sure that it’s not planning to rain on the day you go. An unexpected rainstorm can ruin the beach trip and put everyone in a disappointed mood.

Pack Basic First Aid

No one plans to get injured on their beach trip, of course, but that only makes it more important to be prepared. With a few basic first aid items, you can keep yourself safe and avoid putting too much of a damper on your day at the beach, even in the event of injury. You may be able to buy a small first aid kit somewhere on the way. If you’d like to make your own, make sure to include:

  • Bandages and antibiotic ointment

  • Pain relief pills and basic over the counter medication

  • A thermometer

  • Antiseptic packets

Sunscreen and More

Everyone knows — or should know, at least — how important it is to lather on the sunscreen before your day at the beach. Bring sunscreen with you, as well, in case you need to reapply. At the beach, especially, the reflection of the sun on the water can make anyone more vulnerable to sunburn. But don’t rely on sunscreen alone. You should also bring a hat to protect the top of your head, and bottles of water to stay hydrated. You may even consider UPF protective clothing for particularly sunny days.

What to Wear

Of course you’ll pack your swimwear, often even if you don’t plan to go swimming. It’s just easier to lay out on the beach in a swimsuit than in your everyday clothes. You can, of course, wear light everyday clothes to the beach, like shorts and a tank top or a casual sundress. However, you will get sand on whatever you wear and you will likely get wet at some point, so the best plan is to go with durable, waterproof clothes. Even if you come in your swimwear, you’ll probably want a coverup of some sort for the moments when you’re not swimming. Other than that, sunglasses are a must, and the lighter the shoes the better (preferably sandals).

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