What is the La Jolla Lifestyle?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to visit La Jolla. The beautiful beaches, mild ocean breezes, close proximity to San Diego, and warm, sunny weather is enough to draw visitors from all over the country. But La Jolla is far from the only sunny beach community in the continental United States. There’s something more that makes it stand out as a vacation spot, and it can be hard to define. It’s the lifestyle of La Jolla that really sets it apart. But what is the La Jolla lifestyle? Let’s break down some of the character traits.

Laid Back and Friendly

For all the tourism, La Jolla is a fairly small community. Residents here rarely leave the house without seeing someone that they know and are friendly to newcomers. Here you don’t have to worry about being steamrolled while trying to find your way or stopping to enjoy the view. There’s no rat race in La Jolla. If you need directions or recommendations, someone will be happy to help. If you stop to have a conversation, you won’t be met with harried impatience. In fact, if you’re feeling stressed with the demands of your daily life, a trip to La Jolla may remind you how it feels to slow down and simply enjoy yourself.

Dining Out

If you’re visiting La Jolla, you’ll probably spend most of your time dining out (though at the Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla, we offer a delicious three-course breakfast as well as in-room dining service), and it’s a good thing. There are a wide variety of restaurants to visit, from beachside shacks and bars to pizza parlors to five star fine dining restaurants. You can find a happy hour almost anywhere you go, and more than that, you’ll find opportunities to take in the views and the beautiful weather through alfresco dining. Enjoy the patio with an ocean view at Duke’s La Jolla or the outdoor terrace at Nine-Ten. You can even cool off with gelato under the stars at Bobboi Natural Gelato.

High End Shopping

La Jolla is an affluent area, though for all the millionaires and retirees there are still several families and kids to be found. But the affluence of the area means that shopping is no ordinary experience. You can find high-end fashion boutiques along downtown La Jolla and beyond, including Sigi’s on Girard Avenue, or Italian themed Amore. Pink Lagoon offers more casual wear and you can find custom designs at Alexia Maria. But it’s not all about fashion. You can find art galleries here and shopping centers like La Plaza La Jolla, full of high end shopping experiences that will allow you to treat yourself.

The lifestyle of La Jolla is a cross between one of relaxation and one of luxury — and what more could you want from your vacation? So it’s good to find accommodations that fit that lifestyle. The historic Bed & Breakfast Inn offers first rate hospitality, luxurious specials and add-ons to enhance your stay. And when you book with us direct, we’ll price match the cost of your room and even throw in an extra 5% off. Book today to get started.


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