3 Reasons to Choose La Jolla for Your Summer Vacation

Summer is here, and with it, time to head out on your summer vacation. The ideal summer vacation for almost everyone, whether a college student desperate for a break or a family trying to spend quality time together, is a trip to the beach. But with beach communities on every coast — and especially familiar beach communities throughout California, what makes La Jolla stand out? Obviously we’re biased when we say that you should choose La Jolla for your summer vacation, but we think our bias is justified. Here are some of the reasons that La Jolla simply stands out:

Soft, Fine Sand

If you visit beaches often, you know that not all sandy beaches are created equal. While you might enjoy a day of lounging on the shore or wading into the water, you don’t like the feeling of shaking sand out of your clothes and off of your leg for the rest of the day. The ideal sand is fine, soft, and white, which is what you’ll find at La Jolla Shores beach. This sand not only looks beautiful from a distance but feels luxurious, the kind of sand you’ll want to dig your toes into. Because it’s so fine, it washes off easily, which is convenient for everyone but especially handy if you’re traveling in a group or with family.

Learning to Surf

Not every beach has the right wind and waves for surfing. La Jolla beaches do, particularly La Jolla Shores or La Jolla Cove. Beginners can appreciate the simplicity of La Jolla Shores before moving on to Black’s Beach, which is locally considered to have some of the best waves available. La Jolla Cove provides a thrilling experience for risk takers, offering some of the largest waves in the area. Windansea Beach is another popular surfing spot, but can be tricky when it comes to timing. You can always ask a local when to go.

The Food Scene

Of course, it’s not all about the beach. At some point you’ll need to eat, and La Jolla is an excellent place to dine out with a diverse food scene that includes everything from sandwich shops by the beach to five star dining. Alfresco dining is popular here, with many restaurants positioned so that their patio overlooks the beaches. You can find pizzerias, cafes, microbreweries, and fine Italian dining in La Jolla, so there’s sure to be something for everyone — or everything for someone who wants to experiment with different food scenes.

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