5 Travel Tips Before Arriving in San Diego

Traveling to San Diego for the first time? It can be a delightful place to spend a summer vacation, or even just a break away from your typical work routine for a convention, wedding, or a family get-together. But as with traveling anywhere else, you don’t want to go into it blindly. Take some time to research San Diego and any traveling tips you might need to make sure it’s the trip you want and that you’re not put off by unexpected hang-ups.

Check the Weather Forecast

San Diego is known for its warm, sunny weather, and that’s what most tourists expect. However, that’s not to say that we don’t have storms. You don’t want to plan your trip to be five days on the beach if three of those days are likely to rain. That’s why it’s a good idea to check the weather forecast at least a week before you leave, and then again a few days before. If it looks like the weather will be too gray, or too hot for your liking, you can plan alternative activities instead.

Make Reservations Beforehand

You don’t technically need a reservation to get into the San Diego Zoo or SeaWorld. You can simply buy tickets at the door. However, it helps you to beat the long lines if you buy tickets beforehand, and advanced reservations gives you access to tours that you might not otherwise have been able to enjoy, like the photo safari at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park or the chance to dine with Shamu. At the very least, reservations will give you peace of mind so that you don’t feel like you have to scramble to get everything together last minute. You might also want to make reservations for dinner so you don’t have to worry about long waits.

Pack a Long Sleeve Rash Guard

It may sound a little unorthodox, the idea of wearing long sleeves in San Diego, especially in the middle of summer. But if you plan on surfing, snorkeling, or scuba diving, long sleeve rash guards may be necessary to keep your arms protected from swimmer’s itch and rashes. In the rare event that there’s a cooler day while you’re in San Diego, your long sleeve rash guard can also serve as a long sleeve undershirt to keep you warm.

Don’t Try To Do It All In One Weekend

San Diego is a sprawling city, and there’s so much to do. You would be hard-pressed to do Balboa Park all in just one weekend. If you have a limited time, you may not be able to hit everything on your list, so it’s a good idea to prioritize what you’d like to see and do most. If you have anything left on your list at the end, it just means you’ll have to come back to do it again!

Take Advantage of Hotel and Accommodation Deals

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