The Diverse Flavors of San Diego

Whether you’re visiting for the first time, fifth time, or you’ve lived in San Diego at one point, it’s hard to deny it’s a city full of diverse flavors and eats. In fact, we’re quite proud of the burgeoning culinary scene, from treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, hip microbrews, and dining experiences that fill your mouth with explosions of flavor. The only question is where to start. Let’s go through some of the flavors you’ll find in San Diego through from the beginning of the day through the end to give you an idea.

Breakfast and Brunch

Brunch is a necessary part of any good vacation, and San Diego is happy to provide. Here you can find all the savory and sweet classics, as well as some breakfast and brunch spots that are uniquely San Diego. Take for example Toast Gastrobrunch, an all-day brunch stop in Carlsbad. Here, you can find their house special: the Coconut Pistachio Kanafee with ricotta and jack cheese filling as well as orange blossom syrup, and a pistachio topping, as well as a spicy take on cheesy grits — shrimp and grits with spanish chorizo and spinach — or their “eggs in purgatory” in a sourdough bread bowl. There are also farm-to-table brunch places to enjoy, such as Ranch 45 or the “country-chic” Farmer’s Bottega.


Take a break from your day of shopping, beachgoing, and sightseeing to grab some lunch. You can find showings from all the cultures that make up San Diego in the lunch offerings. Get a bento box from Artisan Bento, try some slow-roasted Kalua pig or lava chicken from Homestyle Hawaiian, or sit down for carnitas and a beer at ¡SALUD!, the San Diego Taco Company. In a fun twist on farm-to-table, there’s SuperNatural’s Sandwiches, including tasty “sea-to-sandwich” sandwiches, or vegan lunch options at places like Cafe Gratitude. Keep your eyes peeled, too, for local food trucks, for an easy lunch and a taste of the city.


San Diego’s craft brewery and microbrewery scene is a popular one, creating unique brews with the kind of tastes that are hard to find anywhere else. It’s not for nothing that Men’s Journal named San Diego the “Top Beer Town” in America. In fact, beyond just sampling from the many breweries in town, you can check out local beer tours or come into town for a beer event, such as San Diego Beer Week, running from November 1-10. Check out Epigg Brewing’s Waterfront Biergarten or for real beer enthusiasts, the Museum of Beer in San Diego.


For dinner, you’ll find everything from fine dining restaurants, restaurants with beautiful waterfront views, to more casual but delicious eats. You’ll find restaurants helmed by renowned chefs like Ryan Costanza of Dija Mara, Trey Foshee of George’s at the Cove, or Top Chef’s Claudette Zapetta-Wilkins at El Jardín.


Need a fix for your sweet tooth? San Diego knows how to handle a wide variety of desserts. Try quirky and unique milkshakes along with beer and cookies at The Milk Bar. See an ice cream sandwich the size and flavors of which you’ve probably never experienced at The Baked Bear or donuts that literally have oreo cookies inside of them at Donut Bar. Up2you Cafe offers more traditional options like crepes, but with a twist — you’re able to customize them to your tastes.

This is just a small sample of the flavors you can find in San Diego. Want to learn more? Come see for yourself. Book today with The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla and we’ll price match your room and throw in a 5% discount.

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