3 Tips to Find Rooms For Your Wedding Party

Wedding planning can be a chaotic experience, and it helps to have your support system around you. You’ve assembled your closest friends to be in your wedding party and they’ve agreed to help you with anything you need to make the big day perfect. It helps to keep those people close throughout the whole process, but especially as you get dressed and ready for the day.

By keeping your wedding party all at the same accommodations, you’ll have a much easier time getting ready for dress rehearsals, dinners, wedding photos, and the day itself. But how do you find a place for your whole wedding party and ensure that it works for everyone? Here are our tips:

Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Guess

Not sure exactly how many rooms you’ll need to book? Maybe a bridesmaid has a cousin in town and may be able to stay with them. Maybe a couple people haven’t gotten back to you about the wedding yet, but you need to book your reservation soon. It’s okay to have an estimate of the amount of people you need to book. If you have a little more than you expected, maybe two guests will be willing to share a room. If you need fewer rooms than expected, just call and let us know.

Consider the Location

Where you stay for your wedding is more than just the place where you sleep at the end of the night. Likely, it’s here where you’ll get ready and it’s here where you’ll be able to congregate with your wedding party, whether to plan or simply to relax and laugh after a busy day. So the location matters. Are your rooms close to the wedding venue and/or the reception venue? Are there nearby settings where you can have your wedding photos taken, like our courtyard at The Bed & Breakfast Inn?

Wedding Accommodations Turned Honeymoon Suite

Tradition states that the couple gets married and then almost immediately leaves for their honeymoon, but often that’s just not realistic. Planning a wedding can be exhausting, and sometimes you don’t want to immediately get on a plane or drive for hours. Using the rooms you booked to prepare for your wedding as a honeymoon suite helps to save some of the hassle and it even saves money. When you get married in a location that’s already perfect for a honeymoon, like La Jolla, it just makes sense to go ahead and make a honeymoon out of the space you already have.

At The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla, we love to help make your wedding the wedding of your dreams, whether by giving you a space to prepare for the big day or for wedding photos or giving you luxurious rooms to enjoy your honeymoon. Want to learn more about how we can help you with your big day? Contact us today to book your stay, and if you book direct with us we’ll price match the cost of your room and throw in a 5% discount.

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