Keeping Calm During Airline Delays

Airline Delays

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No one likes to have to deal with travel delays. It throws off our plans, and being stuck in a crowded airport can feel overwhelming. But when your flight is delayed during the holidays, it can feel nearly catastrophic. You may be traveling from across the country — or from countries away — to visit family that you haven’t seen all year. You may have looked forward to a holiday vacation all year only to find yourself missing the show you booked tickets for at your destination.

When your flight is delayed, there’s little you can do, but you can find ways to try to keep calm in the midst of the unexpected obstacle. Here are a few of our tips:

Read While You Wait

It helps to have something to read while you wait. Picking up a book will get you out of your own head and allow you to detach from the frustrating situation. You can bring a physical book or read something on an e-reader or other mobile device. If you have the right apps and a good pair of headphones, you might even catch up on your favorite show from your phone or laptop. Just make sure you’re also keeping an ear out for any updates on your delay. The last thing you want is to miss the chance to board!

Stay Fed and Hydrated

It’s true that when you’re dehydrated or hungry, it puts you a little more on edge than otherwise. There are sure to be snack stands at the airport where you can find something to munch on and a bottle of water. If you want to save money, just pack a bag of your favorite trail mix or chips beforehand and bring a refillable bottle of water. If you start to feel peckish, don’t resist the urge to have a snack. It will help to keep your anxiety down while you wait.

Take a Walk

Sitting and waiting can be unbearable in the midst of a flight delay, and it can make you antsy. Make sure you take time to get up and stretch your legs. Of course, you don’t want to stray too far for too long in case there are any changes, but a walk around the terminal for some people watching or just a way of getting the blood pumping will help to alleviate some of the stress of having to wait, and it will help you pass time, as well.

Keep In Touch

Are you supposed to be meeting up with someone at the end of your flight? Don’t forget to keep them in the loop. They need to know when to expect you, after all. It can also help you to get some of your stress out if you have a friend or family member to whom you can vent during this process.

Remember - It’s Not Personal

This can be a tough bit of advice. The truth is, your flight delay might inconvenience you, but it’s not about you. If you can distance yourself enough from the situation to see that this isn’t the world (or, at least, the airport) out to get you, you may have an easier time going with the flow.

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