New Year’s Resolutions - Treat Yourself and Take More Trips

With a new year, it’s time for a fresh start and a chance to change the aspects of your life that have become a little too stale or stuck. While they sometimes get flack for being quit too easily, it’s no surprise why “new year’s resolutions” are such a popular trend. There’s something refreshing about the turning of a page, the beginning of a new year. Some new year’s resolutions may be to lose weight, to start a new business, to write the book or finish the musical. But what about new year’s resolutions to be kinder to yourself?

After all, don’t forget that you made it through all the challenges that came with last year. You deserve a treat! That’s why we think the resolution to take more trips should be on your list. Here are some benefits to traveling more often:

Say No to Stress

Stress from work, responsibilities at home, or even your own personal struggles, can build up and start to weigh you down over the course of the year. When you change the scene around you, you’re disconnecting yourself from all of that stress that comes with your normal surroundings and routine. You’re telling yourself, “For this period of time, I don’t have to worry about ally of that.” You may be surprised to find your energy renewed to tackle the issues you have to face when you return home.

New Experiences

We all have our own bubble, our comfort zone in which everything is familiar to us and we’re confident. The more you travel, the wider that bubble becomes. Even if you travel across the country and return home, you’ll return having experienced new sights, sounds, tastes, and a fresh perspective. Your comfort zone will expand and you’ll notice yourself becoming bolder and wiser over time.

Better Health

Did you know travel is actually good for your health? It reduces stress and anxiety, and the new scenery and experiences can help to pull you out of a depressive slump in which the surroundings you know feel colorless. It can boost your physical health, too. Chances are you’ll do more walking during a weekend in a new city than you will in a week sitting at your desk for work. So if you find yourself feeling guilty about taking another vacation, just remember — it’s genuinely good for you!

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