4 Reasons to Stay in La Jolla for Your San Diego Vacation

The city of San Diego is vast, including not just the city proper but a number of smaller communities like Point Loma, Escondido, and yes, La Jolla. While some visitors traveling in from out of state may seek accommodations in the city proper, many actually prefer to stay in one of those quieter communities, especially La Jolla. Are you considering La Jolla for your vacation? Here are a few perks that might just make the decision for you:

Less Traffic

San Diego traffic is nothing compared to LA traffic, but rush hour can be particularly slow, and there is some amount of consistent traffic throughout the day. While La Jolla streets are far from dead throughout the day, the community is more laid back and less busy than the heart of downtown San Diego. It’s also much more walkable, so you may be able to get to your destination without bothering with traffic at all, especially if you stay in a convenient location like ours.

The Restaurant Scene

There are amazing restaurants in San Diego proper, and we recommend that you check them out. However, some of the best restaurants in the area can be found right here in La Jolla. The Marine Room, for instance, offers a five star dining experience directly at eye level with the surf. George’s at the Cove boasts food from famous chef Trey Foshee as well as stunning ocean views, and it’s actually been voted San Diego’s best restaurant.

The Beaches

Likewise, if you’re looking for a good beach vacation, you’ll find some of San Diego’s best beaches in La Jolla. The mile long La Jolla Shores is especially popular and often brings visitors from other areas of San Diego or throughout California as a role. It’s a great place to surf as well as simply lounge. La Jolla Cove is beautiful and unique beach just steps away from The Bed & Breakfast Inn. Here you can find seals and sea lions playing in the sand or refreshing shallow pools perfect for a day at the beach with kids.

Birch Aquarium at Scripps

There are a number of exciting museums and attractions throughout San Diego, and one of the most delightful is located in La Jolla. The Birch Aquarium at Scripps has 60 natural habitats for fish and other ocean dwelling creatures and organisms, all carefully researched by the oceanographers at Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Watch scuba divers feed the fish or feed a seahorse yourself. There’s even toddler time, where your little ones can enjoy take-home crafts or hands-on interactions.

Need one more reason to stay in La Jolla? It’s The Bed & Breakfast Inn. Our beautiful facility was once built as a family home in the 1920s. Today, we have a number of luxurious rooms as well as a scrumptious three-course breakfast. We even have a beautiful and tranquil garden designed by Kate Sessions. And don’t forget, when you book direct with us, we’ll price match the cost of your room and even throw in a 5% discount.

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