5 Animals You Might Find in Torrey Pines State Park

While many think of La Jolla as a friendly, refreshing beach town, it also has plenty to offer wildlife lovers. From La Jolla Cove, you can see sea lions playing on the sand or you can explore some of the tidal pools located in La Jolla. But one of the best places to find wildlife in La Jolla is at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. The park is 1,500 acres of carefully preserved nature with six hiking and biking trails and numerous wild flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

It’s worth pointing out that as with most encounters with wild animals, it’s best to keep your distance and not interfere. That said, here are a few animals you might encounter at Torrey Pines:

Mule Deer

This is a rare sight, so don’t hold your breath, but if you do spot a mule deer during your trip to Torrey Pines, it’s that much more rewarding. This species is secretive and tends to hide in the cover of bushes. However, in the early morning or at night, a keen observer might find them feeding in the lowlands of the park from a distance.


You’ll find plenty of rabbits at Torrey Pines State Park, especially cottontail rabbits. These rabbits are used to humans, and while they might not get close, they probably won’t shy away like other mammals in the park. If you see larger rabbits, with large black-rimmed ears and a black tail, you’ve found the black-tailed jackrabbit. These rabbits tend to hang around the flatlands and the lagoon.

Gray Foxes

Gray foxes are among the most common animals to find at Torrey Pines. They look almost like small coyotes (another animal that can be found at Torrey Pines), with a mostly gray coat and a reddish undercoat. You may see tracks for this animal throughout the park, as well as raccoon tracks.


There are a number of species of bats that can be found at Torrey Pines, though seeing them is rare as they are nocturnal and the lower temperatures of the air tend to lower their own body temperature. The most common type of bat you’ll find at Torrey Pines is the California Myotis, but you can also find the Western Red bat, the Hoary bat, and the Mexican Free-tailed bat.


It’s not all mammals that you’ll find at Torrey Pines. In fact, you’re more likely to see various species of birds, and Torrey Pines is a popular spot for bird watching. You may find a red-tailed hawk circling overhead, a scrub jay or wrentit in the bushes, or might hear the call of a Northern mockingbird.

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