4 Tips for Dining Out On Your Vacation

One of the best parts of taking a vacation is the chance to move away from the usual staples and leftovers you have in your kitchen at home and go out to eat every night. This is even more exciting because it’s a new city, so every restaurant you visit gives you a taste of the local atmosphere and adds to the experience. Here are a few tips to make the most of dining out during your vacation.

Make a Reservation (If Necessary…)

Find out before you leave for your vacation what restaurants require reservations. This may mean doing some research to figure out where you’d like to go beforehand. If you’re interested in treating yourself to a five-star dinner, then you’ll probably have to make a reservation. Afternoon tea and some brunch places also require reservations. It never hurts to call ahead just to find out. And if you have a big group, a reservation might be a good idea anyway.

Keep Kids Busy

Some restaurants, especially family friendly restaurants, will have crayons and coloring sheets to keep kids occupied so they don’t cause a scene at the restaurant. If not, handheld games may do the trick. You can also keep your kids occupied by playing a word game with them. The last thing you want is all eyes on your table because your children started to meltdown in their impatience.

Go Local

You can find an Olive Garden almost anywhere, but there are local restaurants throughout La Jolla that you won’t find anywhere else. For instance, George’s at the Cove is the only restaurant where you can find renowned chef Trey Foshee. The Marine Room offers a unique atmosphere as the waves lap against the windows during high tide. Harry’s Coffee Shop is a favorite local spot for breakfast and coffee and The Cottage is a beloved brunch location specific to La Jolla. If you know anyone in the area, ask a local for advice on their favorite places to eat.

Save Where You Can

Dining out is exciting, but it can also take a hefty chunk out of your budget. If you save where you can, you may be able to have a little bit of extra money to spend elsewhere. For instance, checking the lunch hours for a particular restaurant. Go out for pizza at least once if you like it. You can bring the leftovers back with you in a box so that you can stretch them out for lunches over the next couple of days. Staying at a bed and breakfast, too, like The Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla, allows you to have breakfast as part of your stay. Again, locals may be able to give you tips on great eateries at more affordable costs.

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