Creating an Itinerary For Your Trip

Taking a vacation is an exciting time to embrace new experiences and a relaxing time to take a break from the stresses of your day to day. Creating an itinerary, however, can feel like a headache. It’s hard to get the itinerary just right: if you plan too thoroughly, you won’t have any wiggle room in case you find something new at your destination. It can also be more disappointing if something on your vacation doesn’t go according to plan. If your itinerary is too loose, however, you may feel as though you’re wasting time at your actual vacation trying to decide what to do next.

Looking for an itinerary that’s just right? Here are our favorite tips:

Keep All Your Info In One Place

The fun part of making an itinerary is deciding what attractions to check out — what to do for leisure. However, you do still have to keep track of all the boring things like flight plans, lodging reservations, and budget. Then you can add all the things on your wishlist for your vacation.

Keep everything in one place — particularly digitally, if you can. A paper itinerary can be satisfying to write out, but you don’t want something you can lose. You may also be able to find digital tools to help you craft your itinerary.

Break It Down By Day

Once you have all your information in one place, start breaking apart your itinerary by day. Keep in mind that your first and last day on your vacation will likely be the least exciting. Most vacationers are tired from traveling on the first day. Look for a nice restaurant for dinner and expect to spend the rest of the night hanging around your rooms or checking out lowkey tourist destinations — a nice walk through the park or along the pier, for instance. The next day, you’ll want to tackle your vacation adventures with gusto, but make sure you don’t try to pack too much into one day. Give yourself time to relax at the beach or grab coffee in between the more active plans.

Back It Up

Again, it helps to have a digital itinerary so that you don’t lose it as you might a physical copy. But digital devices sometimes fail us. What if your phone dies or your laptop crashes while you’re updating the itinerary? There’s nothing worse than having to start all over again, and you want to have fun on your vacation, not stress. Make sure that your digital itinerary is backed up to something cloud based. Evernote, Dropbox, even Google Docs can be accessed from any device, so you’ll always have your itinerary. You can also go more old-school and simply email your itinerary to yourself after each time you update it.

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