The boutique was built as a residence for the George Kautz family in 1913

July 24, 2022

The George Kautz House was built in 1913 and is located in the La Jolla Village of San Diego. It was used as a residence for the George Kautz family who owned a local brokerage firm.

In 1913, George Kautz created a residence that was just as unique and special as the owner. It has undergone many changes since it was built, but it is hard to forget the charm of this place.

La Jolla Village is a residential area in San Diego County, California. This quaint neighborhood is a little off the beaten path which makes it even more attractive to visitors and shoppers who wish to put their feet up.

The George Kautz House, which is now known as the boutique, was built by George Kautz as a private residence in 1913.

Built in La Jolla Village, it was meant to be a monument of the grandeur of his family’s success. It is a 3-story building that is adorned with many architectural details and has 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

The George Kautz family built a small residence on the grounds of their estate in 1913 that they then turned into a hotel. The hotel was renamed “Boutique Hotel” and operated as such until 1957.

In 1997, the property was bought by new owners who restored it back to its original state and reopened it for business in 1999. It has stayed open ever since providing guests with luxury accommodations and services.

The George Kautz boutique was originally built in 1913 by George Kautz, a prominent San Diego County family. It was then turned into a residence in the 1980s when it was occupied by one of the sons of the owner.

The boutique has received some renovations since its first construction, but still retains its original sense of grandeur and character. The rooms themselves are stately and elegant – reflected in the stained glass, handcrafted woodwork, and wall coverings.

The boutique was designed by Thomas Reed, who was a renowned architect and painter in San Diego County. With the help of his wife, Lola, he designed the house with a French Provincial flavor and an “old California” feel.

The George Kautz House is over 100 years old and still stands strong after all these years. The boutique is a unique conversion that still has its original features intact.

La Jolla is a small community on the southern end of the San Diego County. It was built on land that belonged to George Kautz in 1913. He bought it from John D. Spreckels for $10,000 and started to build the residence which would be known as the Bazaar. The house has had many different uses since then, but for a long time it served as a home for members of the Kautz family only.

The Bazaar was finished in 1916 and is now open to visitors from around the world who want to see it or visit with some of its current residents such as actors, musicians and artists.

The Bazaar was built by George Kautz as a residence but he never lived there himself, instead his father and grandfather did.

The George Kautz Family Boutique was built in 1913. It belonged to George Kautz, a prominent San Diego businessman and provider of live theater during the time. It is mainly known for its architecture and became a landmark for La Jolla Village.

In 1913, George Kautz, a businessman and a philanthropist, had the idea of building his residence in La Jolla. The 1-story cottage was made with bricks and has three rooms, including a living room and kitchen on the ground floor.

The place is popular among tourists who come to visit the iconic La Jolla Cove. It was named one of America’s most beautiful cottages in 2007.